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City and Village Medical Centers

City and Village Medical Centers

Muhanga, Southern Province, Rwanda
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Come join us in providing life saving medical treatment, medications and support within cities and remote villages in Rwanda! These medical centers and clinic outposts are on the “front lines” providing basic health care needs for the sponsor children and their families within the Eden’s Child Sponsorship Program. In addition, no individual is turned away as they are open to the general public as well. With a medical mission of providing routine well-care services preventing illness and disease, the clinics also treat and monitor patients (both children and adults) battling conditions such as HIV, Malaria, Yellow Fever, parasites, and other serious diseases.

At the very end of 2018, the first medical clinic was opened in the village of Mukindo (RUNYINYA Post) as this was an area of the greatest need. Prior to the clinic, individuals seeking medical attention had a several hours-long walk to the city for evaluation and treatment. As you can imagine, for those with serious illness and diseases this was devastating, even if they could somehow make this long journey. The clinic has been delivering a life-saving need for thousands now receiving care. However, there is also a daily need for funding supplies, medical evaluation and testing equipment, and staffing of additional nurse and reception positions to keep up with patient needs. Help us give them a hand up by building, equipping and staffing medical centers where they were never thought possible in Rwanda! Every dollar matters and makes a difference in providing better health care services to children and adults alike.

The clinics are built and administered by Eden Temple, International (parent ministry of the Eden’s Child Sponsorship Program) headquartered in the city of Butare, Rwanda. A second clinic is currently under construction in Butare, with additional clinics planned for Muhanga and Runda villages if funds can be raised.

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Muhanga, Southern Province, Rwanda

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City and Village Medical Centers

by Eden's Child 20K Lives Impacted Muhanga, Southern Province, Rwanda

Come join us in providing life saving medical treatment, medications and support within cities and remote villages in Rwanda! These medical cente...

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