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Compton Family Adoption

Compton Family Adoption

Florida, United States
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GREAT NEWS! It is time for the Compton family to grow, and we have decided to adopt! We are thrilled to share the journey with you as well.


As of July 31, 2017 we are a waiting family! What that means: all of our paperwork, interviews, background checks, and more are complete (for now)! We now wait to be matched.

Even though the "paperwork portion" is complete, we are continuing to save money for the final payment we will make when our child comes home! We have about $13,000 to go as of November 2017. We pray for a match before March of 2018, but we know that might not be a reality. If March rolls around, we will have to complete our background checks, drug testing, fingerprinting, and medical checks again, which will add another $700 to our final cost. Hopefully it won't come to that, but it is another possibility we have to consider! We still have 4 more months before that happens, so keep the prayers coming!!!


The home studies are complete!!! On June 22 we had our final home study visit, so we are are now waiting for our report to be finalized/approved. Then we become a waiting family! We are hoping for that status by the end of July. 🙏🙏🙏


We held a fundraiser at the Pure Barre studio Katie works at on March 25th, and it was an amazing show of support! As of June 23 we are at about 80% funded for our payment that will be due at the completion of our home study! This is seriously incredible news for us, as we are still looking towards the final payment of $13,000 when our child joins the family. It could be a few weeks later, it could be a few months later, or it could be a year later. The unknown timeline is tricky, but we are hoping to be proactive so we aren't surprised by anything that comes our way!


As of February 2017 we have paid some initial fees, attended a 2 day training, and are finishing up some paperwork before we have our home study. After our home study is complete, there will be another portion of money due so we can become a "waiting family." Once that happens, we could be matched at any point going forward. We are hoping to be a waiting family by the summer. We will be pursuing a domestic adoption of an infant through Bethany Christian Services of Florida We don't know if it will be a boy or a girl: that will be something we'll discover later on!

We've started a fundraiser on Pure Charity to raise the funding we need to make our adoption a success. We have an overall goal of $30,000 that will go towards the cost of the adoption. Currently we are raising funds for our next two installments.

The details on our upcoming fees:

  • $2,500 to commence our home study (hopefully beginning in March)
  • $11,150 will be due at the completion of our home study (hoping for early summer 2017)
  • The remainder of fees (around $13,000) are due at the placement of the child, which could be weeks later, months later, a year later...whenever the timing is right for us to be chosen.

We truly hope you will consider helping us make our dream a reality, whether it is through prayer or financial contribution (or both). First and foremost, send your prayers, happy thoughts, positive vibes, and more our way! We would also appreciate your willingness to share this with others who may want to participate.

For updates on our adoption process, you can visit:

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  • $14,000 One-time Goal
  • $12,900 Still Needed
  • 1 Lives Impacted

Field Partner

Bethany Christian Services (Home Office) 38
Grand Rapids, MI, US
Bethany is a global nonprofit organization caring for orphans and vulnerable children o...
All donations go directly to Bethany Christian Services (Home Office) as per Pure Charity's Terms and Conditions

Fundraiser Organizer

Katie Compton
Dunedin, Florida, United States

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Florida, United States

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Compton Family Adoption

by Katie Compton 1 Lives Impacted Florida, United States

GREAT NEWS! It is time for the Compton family to grow, and we have decided to adopt! We are thrilled to share the journey with you as well.~~~~~~~~...

$1,100 One-time Donations
  • $14,000 One-time Goal
  • $12,900 Still Needed
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