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Did you know that Nicaragua is the poorest country in Central America, and 2nd poorest in the Western Hemisphere? Life is difficult in Nicaragua, and bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ is bringing LIVING WATER to thirsty souls. The people need the HOPE of the Gospel and are open to hearing the Good News.

e3 Partners started Church Planting in Nicaragua in 2010 in the capital city of Managua, but the Lord quickly directed us north to the Terrabona region high up in the beautiful mountains. There, the need is even greater!  The average person does not own a car, and simple things like obtaining enough food to eat can be challenging. Many people live on less than $2/day, and many do not have running water in their homes  Children suffer from malnutrition, and some families don't have the necessary funds to send their children to school. Life can become one tremendous burden, yet.... those who have the Hope of the Gospel are transformed and reach out to help others!

But what if there is no church for them to go to?  That is what e3 is all about.  Equip, Evangelize, and Establish.  We Equip the local believers and pastors to Evangelize their neighbors, family, friends, and to reach out in new areas, and to Establish new churches where there are no churches!  There, in these new churches, villages can be transformed with the Hope of the Gospel. The CHURCH is what can make the difference!  Learning of God's love, together with the fellowship of local believers, brings vital encouragement and an opportunity for life change to happen!

As we have continued working in Nicaragua, the work has spread to other areas of the country as pastors are HUNGRY to learn more. We have developed an e3 Nicaragua Pastoral Teaching team, and they need your support!  These Nicaraguan pastors reach out and train other pastors how to mobilize their congregations with the vision, tools and training to start new churches where there are no churches.

How can you be a part?  Pray, go and give...

Pray for the e3 work in Nicaragua... if you would like more information send an email to:

Go.. be a part of an American team that works alongside the local church and provides mentorship and encouragement. Trips are between 7-9 days in length, so you can easily use just 1 week of your vacation to make a difference!  YOU will be blessed!  Go to

Give.  your $ funds the continued movement of Church Planting in Nicaragua, and your help is VITAL.  Your dollars go directly to starting new churches in villages where there are no churches!  The return on your investment is eternal!

 Be a part of the God movement in Nicaragua!  

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e3 Nicaragua

by Nadine Breiner-Patterson 100 Lives Impacted

Did you know that Nicaragua is the poorest country in Central America, and 2nd poorest in the Western Hemisphere? Life is difficult in Nicaragu...

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