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Jes Steinberg's Uganda Vision Trip!

Jes Steinberg's Uganda Vision Trip!

Gulu, Northern Region, Uganda
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Short/Cliffs Notes Version:

"No one can take from us what we'd be willing to lay down without regret. Our lives are borrowed; our love is all we really leave." - Bob Goff

An amazing opportunity has finally made its way to me: I have the opportunity to go Restore Leadership Academy in Uganda, a dream I've had for years. It's short notice and seems crazy, but the reality is the chance is here and I don't want to regret not taking it.

Restore is a school that is changing the lives of its students. This is why I show up to my job every day: with the hope of changing something for the better; thus, Restore's mission beats in sync with my heart.

Not everyone has the opportunity to go do something like this, but everyone can be a part of it. Your donation is just as important as my going. They are one and the same. I truly believe that our lives are borrowed and that our love is all we'll really leave. With your help, we can leave some love in Uganda. This post is an invitation to join me on this journey. The trip will cost around $3200, which includes travel costs, in-country transportation, lodging, food, and service project costs. Would you consider partnering with me in this? 

When all is said and done, I want to live a life that says LOVE DOES. 

Full Length/Chapter Version:

"No one can take from us what we'd be willing to lay down without regret. Our lives are borrowed; our love is all we really leave." - Bob Goff

About six years ago, I read a book that I loved. It was one of those books that accidentally changes your life. I talked about it, I referenced it, I reread chapters, I bought the book and I gave it away. Over and over and over again. Chances are, if we've talked, I've mentioned the book Love Does, or perhaps the author, Bob Goff. He's an "ordinary guy" who lives an extraordinary life. 

Bob started a school in Uganda called Restore International. Since reading the book I've wanted to visit. I've been on an email list to learn more about trips, but the dates never matched up with my schedule until now. In just a few weeks, I have the opportunity to go to Restore in Kampala, Gulu over my school's spring break. 

The trip will involve some adventures and some projects. We'll be visiting safe houses, schools, and other local projects, spending time with friends who are making a huge impact in Uganda. My friend Faith and I will be collaborating on an art project that connects our local schools and Restore Leadership Academy.
It's hard for me to ask for support for things like this because I am a grown up and feel like I should be able to pay for the whole gig if I'm choosing to do something like this. But here's what I've learned in my years of mission trips: there are people who can go and do the thing, and there are people who don't have that opportunity at this moment for one reason or another. Sometimes we get to be the ones who go, other times, we get to be the ones to support. Your support is not "less than" my going; your support and my going go hand in hand. Support for this trip covers expenses like: travel costs, in country flights and transportation, hotel/lodging/food, and service projects in Uganda. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this and for considering making a donation. 
Here's a cool video about Restore.
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Trip Information

Uganda Vision Trip March 2016
Trip ID# march2016

Field Partner

Love Does 781
San Diego, CA, US
Only action becomes love!
This Fundraiser has ended and is no longer accepting funding.

Fundraiser Organizer

Jes Steinberg
prairie village, KS

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Gulu, Northern Region, Uganda

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Funded - March 07, 2016
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Jes Steinberg's Uganda Vision Trip!

by Jes Steinberg 500 Lives Impacted Gulu, Northern Region, Uganda

Short/Cliffs Notes Version:"No one can take from us what we'd be willing to lay down without regret. Our lives are borrowed; our love is all we rea...

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  • $300 One-time Goal
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