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Job Title: School Director
Amount Needed: $75 (any amount helps!)
Reference Number: UG-677-S022

Julius has walked alongside the ministry since we started! He is a humble, wise, loyal, and Godly man who has filled many roles and has helped us start and run our Primary School.

A Day in His Life: Julius plays the role of director/consultant to help us make our Primary School the best it can be. He brainstorms, trains our teachers, fills in wherever needed, helps with curriculum, and assists with any other needs the school has.

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Tulsa, OK, US
To be the love of Christ to Uganda’s orphaned and vulnerable children, equipping them t...
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Mabale, Western Region, Uganda

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Julius Biribonwa, School Director

by Bless the Children Ministries 300 Lives Impacted Mabale, Western Region, Uganda

JuliusJob Title: School DirectorAmount Needed: $75 (any amount helps!)Reference Number: UG-677-S022Julius has walked alongside the ministry since w...

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