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Katherine's Haiti Trip

Katherine's Haiti Trip

Jacmel, Sud-Est, Haiti
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From March 18-21, I will be going with a small team from Bridgetown A Jesus Church down to Jacmel, Haiti where we will be serving and loving on Haitians all day. We will be working alongside with a church in their rural community known as Restoration Ministries. They have started many programs for the community such as a local school, feeding program for the children, a computer center for people to use the internet, and building projects for people who are in need of housing. Restoration ministries have successfully completed multiple building projects and have built homes, playgrounds, and worked on many painting projects around the community.

My days there will consit with working alongside Haitians all day with activities including building and manual labor projects that the church is currently working on. Then, I will spend the afternoons helping out with their feeding program, spending time with the children, and teaching a full week of Vacation Bible School!

I first learned about Hear The Cry during one of the announcements at our church service and really felt God pushing on my heart to go onto their website and check out what the program is involved with. I stumbled across the missions page and felt the need to apply for the missions trip to Haiti and I am now looking for fundraising help to go on this trip! I believe this is what God is calling to me to do and I cannot wait to go to Haiti and love on the people of Jacmel and spread the love of Jesus Christ. The total cost of the trip is $2,000 which will include airfare, food, lodging, insurance, ground transportation, supplies, and excursions. As I am preparing for this trip, I would also appreciate all of your thoughts and prayers leading to a steady departure as well as a safe stay in Haiti.

I am truly blessed to be involved in this opportunity and cannot express how much I appreciate the support! Please feel free to contact me about any questions that you have!

Trip Cost: $2,000

Donation Deadline: March 3rd, 2016

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  • 200 Lives Impacted
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Trip Information

Haiti - Bridgetown Young Adults
Trip ID# Jacmel BT Young Adults 2016

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Hear the Cry 724
Portland , OR, US
Hear the Cry exists to bring compassion and justice into areas of brokenness around the...
This Fundraiser has ended and is no longer accepting funding.

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Katherine Wong
Beaverton, OR

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Jacmel, Sud-Est, Haiti

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Funded - March 11, 2016
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Katherine's Haiti Trip

by Katherine Wong 200 Lives Impacted Jacmel, Sud-Est, Haiti

From March 18-21, I will be going with a small team from Bridgetown A Jesus Church down to Jacmel, Haiti where we will be serving and loving on Hai...

$2,000 One-time Donations
  • $2,000 One-time Goal
  • $0 Still Needed
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