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Thank you for partnering with us! Your financial partnership is part of God's plan to see all people come to Him!

The work that began in Punjab, India in 2014 with four small house churches has now multiplied to over 600 house churches. That means that over 6,000 people are growing in their relationship with Jesus, living an abundant life with Him and  teaching is disciples others to do the same!

This rapid growth is due to the Holy Spirit working through Punjabi leadership and lift from our USA based short term teams.

 Working with Pastor N., God has given us a vision for Punjab: 1,000 house churches and doubling our pastoral networks from the current 11 districts to ALL 22 districts in Punjab!

                                                         22 IN 22!

Fulfilling this vision will require additional pastoral training, House Church Leader development and shepherding, Punjabi bibles, multiple Zoom calls and USA short term trips.

In this season of our ministry, we are looking for ministry partners to come along side us financially.

Your financial partnership with this ministry will enable the current work to continue and propel the next level of growth in spreading the gospel and “teaching them to obey”. It will provide increased opportunities in pastoral development, bible distribution, and support to the church network that we KNOW God is going to expand to all 22 districts in Punjab.

                                                          22 IN 22!

Church Igniter - $50-$100 - starts and sustains a house church, bringing 10 people to a saving faith in Jesus Christ- seeding the area for Gospel growth and expansion.

Harvester-  $150-250 starts and sustains  FOUR house churches in an unreached village, bringing 40 people into a saving faith in Jesus Christ. This cluster of house churches provides mutual support  during church growth and discipleship- critical where resistance and persecution exists.

Kingdom Expander- $300-$ and up- starts and sustains EIGHT house churches in unreached villages, bringing 80 people to a saving faith in Jesus Christ. These house churches may be in multiple villages, and your gift supports the development of additional leaders who guide church expansion in district villages.

Thank you for partnering with us as we work together to                                         see


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Thank you for partnering with us! Your financial partnership is part of God's plan to see all people come to Him!The work that began in Punjab, Ind...

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