Available Sponsorships

  • Ashly Adhiambo

    6 years old Female Kenya

    Ashly Adhiambo lives with her widowed mother and three older siblings in a two-room mud-wall house with tin roof. They use solar for lighting and ...

  • Becile Ochieng

    6 years old Male Kenya

    Becile is the third born in a family of three siblings. He lives with his mother who dries fish at the beach. They fetch water from the lake and ...

  • Billsam Barrack

    11 years old Male Kenya

    Billsam lives with both his parents in a one room rental house that is made of iron sheet with cemented floor. He is the second of the five childr...

  • Bravine Otieno

    8 years old Male Kenya

    Bravine lives with his maternal grandparents together with his cousins. Bravine’s grandparents sell fish to support their family. They live i...

  • Bromix Onyango

    8 years old Male Kenya

    He is the second born of two children in his family. He lives with his mother and his sibling approximately one hour walk from CGA. The mother is a...

  • Bruno Ochieng

    7 years old Male Kenya

    Bruno Ochieng lives with his mother and two siblings in a two-room house with dirt floor. His father died in late 2022 after a long illness. His f...

  • Dickens Ochieng

    9 years old Male Kenya

    Dickens Ochieng and his three older siblings live with an older step brother. They use paraffin for lighting and fetch water from the lake for was...

  • Eldad Medad

    6 years old Male Kenya

    Eldad Medad is an only child and lives with his widowed mother and an older step brother. His father died in early 2019. The collect water for wash...

  • Geoffrey Emmanuel

    4 years old Male Kenya

    Geoffrey Emmanuel lives with both parents and two siblings in a one-room house with dirt floor. They use solar light, treat water from the lake for...

  • George Otieno

    7 years old Male Kenya

    George lives with his grandmother together with his mother and other relatives in a three-bedroom house which is thirty minutes-walk to CGA. He wa...

  • Ibrahim Okinyi

    13 years old Male Kenya

    Ibrahim has lost both his parents and is in the custody of his aged grandmother who is a widow. His house is made of a tin sheet roof, mud walls, a...

  • Jimivour Junior

    7 years old Male Kenya

    Jimivour Junior lives with his widowed mother and three older siblings. They live in a rural area in a two-room mud wall house with a tin roof and ...

Fully Funded Sponsorships

  • Sponsored - March 23, 2016
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    Dickens Ochieng

    13 years old Male Kenya

    Dicken's father died in 2012. His mother works at a small school to support the family. They have no electricity or running water and buy governmen...

  • Sponsored - May 27, 2023
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    Diliah Akeyo

    18 years old Female Kenya

    Diliah has a mother, father and a younger brother. They have struggled in their beginning years as a family, but grown to have a strong faith in t...

  • Sponsored - June 02, 2023
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    Don Ochieng

    20 years old Male Kenya

    Don's father died in 2006. He lives with his widowed mother and ten siblings. The mother grows and sells vegetables to make money. They live toget...

  • Sponsored - January 21, 2023
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    Dorine Akinyi

    22 years old Female Kenya

    Dorine is a total orphan. We don't know the reason for her parents death. She now lives with an aunt. They live in a mud house with an iron sheet r...

  • Sponsored - June 25, 2020
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    Doris Anyango

    13 years old Female Kenya

    Doris is the last child of four. Her father died in 2012. Doris' mother sells vegetables in the village to help support the family. They live in a...

  • Sponsored - June 04, 2023
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    Dorothy Anyango

    15 years old Female Kenya

    Dorothy's father died when she was 3 months old. Dorothy sleeps on a mat on the floor with her siblings under a mosquito net. They have no electric...

  • Sponsored - May 24, 2023
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    Eddy Razid

    13 years old Male Kenya

    Eddy is the last of three children. He lives with his mother and two brothers in a semi permanent house. They have no electricity or running wate...

  • Sponsored - May 14, 2023
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    Edna Nicole Achieng

    8 years old Female Kenya

    Edna lives with her mother who does washing and cleaning for people to support her six school-aged children. They live in a one room rental with n...

  • Sponsored - March 24, 2022
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    Edwins Owino

    23 years old Male Kenya

    Edwins completed primary school in the fall of 2015 and scored high enough on his national exams to attend secondary school. He received an invita...

  • Sponsored - December 26, 2022
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    Effy Auma

    19 years old Female Kenya

    Effy is a partial orphan and is the last of two children. Her father died in 2005. She lives with her mother and older sister in a rental house. Th...

  • Sponsored - June 01, 2023
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    Elija Otieno

    19 years old Male Kenya

    Elijah has four older siblings. His mother died in 2010 and his father died in 2007. After their deaths, he and his siblings were distributed among...

  • Sponsored - January 27, 2023
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    Elisha Oginya

    21 years old Male Kenya

    Elisha is the last of eight children. His father died in 2002 when Elisha was only 7 months old. He and all his siblings live with the mother who s...